Spruce Haven Farm, LLC began an in-house flush program in December 2006. It has gradually gained momentum to accommodate 6-8 flushes and 40-60 transfers of both fresh and frozen embryos per week. Currently 60%+ of all pregnancies are the result of embryo transfer. Sexed semen has been used at times with satisfactory results.

The main focus of the flush program is to raise the overall genetic level of the herd by flushing the top end of the herd and using the rest as recipients, which is not a new concept, but one that is rarely practiced. Even though many of the cattle we flush carry bull contracts, we still routinely flush grades that have since been registered which are sired by bulls like Diehard, Pippen, and Boliver.

Because we have a large herd of commercial cattle and a heavy interest in the Registered side of the business we have attracted a few partners along the way that share or goal of getting high-end calves on the ground instead of letting them sit frozen in time in the tank. This has allowed us to get into some cow families that we otherwise might not be able to afford, which all leads to a lot of excitement.

Sires of the milking herd include: Diehard, Boliver, Outside, Zenith, Jetstream, Encino, Pippen, Oman, Goldwyn, Shottle, Manager, Lynch, Toystory, Sharky, and Marion.

Sires of heifers include: Toystory, Talent, Lou, Jose, Elegant, Ty, Baxter, Armstead, Ramos, Socrates, Norski, Dundee, Redwood, Airraid, Advent, Form Bret, Durham, Pronto, Nifty, Colby, Frosty, Billion, Damion, Bolton, Scoop, Stormatic, Amateur, Lawnboy, Diehard, Boliver, Outside, Zenith, Jetstream, Encino, Oman, Goldwyn, and Shottle.

Service sires include: Talent, Ty, Baxter, Armstead, Ramos, Socrates, Dundee, Redwood, Advent, Form Bret, Durham, Damion, , Boliver, Outside, Zenith, Jeeves, Moscow, Para *RC, Michael, Planet, Stol Joc, Active, Laurin, Debonair,Alexander, Million, Graybil, and Goldwyn.
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