Spruce Haven Farm Past and Future
Spruce Haven was founded in 1987 by Doug and Janet Young along with Janet's father Dave Camp. Spruce Haven began with 120 cows and 75 heifers.

Richard Delaney owned the farm and farmstead which was purchased and has been the crop and equipment manager since. Richard became a partner of Spruce Haven in 2006.

Dr. James Nocek became a partner in 1998 where he focuses on the biological aspects of the dairy and research businesses. Jim is an internationally respected dairy cattle nutrition researcher and consults with numerous companies. He also established Anyela's vineyard and winery in Skaneateles, New York, a recent winner of 1st place Reisling wine in an international competition.

Tim and Sam Potter entered the LLC in 2007 bringing their herd with high genetics and a passion for genetic progress. Sam has initiated and manages an intensive embryo transfer program.

Spruce Haven Farm currently has 1850 cows, 1750 heifers, 3100 acres of crop acres of corn, alfalfa, and wheat. Spruce Haven Research Center hosts research projects for multiple international companies and organizations.

Spruce Haven Farm LLC

Vision for the Future

Spruce Haven Farm believes there is great potential to return more of the retail value to the dairy farms, to improve efficiencies in delivering milk products to market, and to bring the dairy industry to a new level of sustainability; environmentally, economically, and socially.
Here’s how we are working to accomplish this vision:
Build a dairy ingredients plant as the foundation of a dairy farmer owned company with extremely high quality consumer products with the following attributes
o Sustainability-
 substantial, measureable improvements in recovery and use of energy (carbon), nitrogen, phosphorus, and other important elements
 improved resource recovery and brand value brings increased economic returns to the farmers who commit the capital, accept the risks, and work hard to deliver high quality nutritious products
 through brand education of the story behind the products, the dairy farmers will be recognized by all aspects of society as welcome and respected contributors to the communities they are committed to
o Human health- To improve human health by providing products which reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes based on sound science
o Traceability- to build loyalty with consumers because they know where and how the products they enjoy are made safely and with widely accepted procedures
o More stable pricing through multi-year contracts which lead to increased consumption of dairy products, stabilize all the supply chain, and lead to fair allocation of the retail dollar to the farmer. The contracts still allow for appropriate market signals to affect production volume.
o Consumers purchase products produced by farmers nearby- The northeast is the largest market in the world and there is much potential for dairy farmers to connect with the consumers who are within a few hours of our homes
• Expand the milk hauling cost allocation implemented by Cayuga Marketing to provide incentives to farmers, haulers, and processors to improve efficiencies in the dairy transportation system
• To embrace and build on the best ideas dairy farmers can bring
• To ensure openness and complete integrity in decision-making and accounting
• To invest a portion of the value from this effort to strengthen communities at home and abroad in developing models which can have broad impact
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