Cow Families
Below are some of the cow families we are currently flushing. Most of the cows shown have sisters and other family members being flushed as well. For a more complete look at what we have, check out the HEIFERS and PREGNANCIES spreadsheets.

AUTUMN-RIDGE OT BOJANGL-ET was purchased as a bred heifer in 2005. When she calved she had the typical look of an Outside daughter; strong, with a nice udder and legs, but a little on the smooth side. We bred her right back and when she calved in the 2nd time AI interest picked up. We started flushing her and she proved to be an amazing flush cow, now with over 350 embryos produced.
F. Arthur Potter, Jr. bought the original ancestor of this family around 1958. We have sold bulls out of this cow family for over thirty years, and more than 50% of the Potters-Field cattle go back to Potters-Field Elevation Sioux, the first really prominent member of this family.
We have brought in a few Jerseys as an "insurance" tool for calving in valuable Holstein heifers. They have been holding their own and impressing us with their toughness and efficiency.
These females are adding some diversity to the herd.
Juniper Goldwyn Wistful 2E93 hails from a very well respected cow family that produced the under-estimated Formation son Wizard as well as Wistful's 95 point Outside dam. There aren't many cow families with the same credentials. Some influential prefixes can be encountered deep in this pedigree including Norz-Hill, Autumn-Ridge, Lew-Lin, and Frogmore.
These high genomic individuals are contributing to the herd.